Polyar Makina, founded 1985 in Adana, has risen to become one of the leading companies of the sector within a short time thanks to the trust the founders have to each other and the importance given to the workers. Our company offering its services in the Adana Middle Sized Industry Area in its factory on 6000 square meters, with 200 employees, continues its development on a daily basis. It produces machining, machine design, penstock pipes for hydroelectric plants, grates, grate cleaning machines, valves, hydraulic hoisting units, slide and radial grates. Polyar Makina, of which the dam equipments, constant equipments and successes it hat in the hydroelectric plant projects are a reference for its ongoing projects, has proven its reliability with the projects it completed in many parts of Turkey. Our company giving priority to the customer satisfaction, trust and effectiveness, continues being a solution partner of its customer even after the delivery of the project. Polyar Makina, which is ahead of its rivals with its staff consisting of many engineers and technic employees, and its innovative sense following the new technologies closely, has a grasp of the smallest details of its ongoing projects and directs its workers with this directive and doesn’t allow any problems on the delivered quality by performing the needed quality controls at the termination of the project.

With its continuously expanding machine park, work site and employees, aiming to be stable among the leading companies of the sector and to always deliver quality works completing its works with quality certificates, Polyar Makina owns the Quality Management Standard (ISO 9001-2008), Worker Health and Environment Management System (ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001) and Welded Production Compliance Certificate (ISO 3834) certificates.